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Trust Relation

What does Trust Relation stand for?

Genuine & Authentic items

All purchases on are new and genuine. With every purchase we enter into a legal agreement to sell only new and genuine items. We always sell you high quality items at reasonable prices. We don’t do sale of duplicates, knock-offs, used books or grey-channel items on

Easy cancellations

You can cancel your order any time within 24 hrs. of placing order of  your item.

Easy returns

Because of, we are only book sellers, we advise buyers to determine with their product order in all aspects like Name of the book(s), Prices, Size, Covers etc. Even after all these, if you even not interested or change your decision, you must not accept shipping without any damaging to parcel. Please return your item in its original packaging.

What does Trust Relation cover?

  • You have paid for the item but didn't receive it
  • You have received a damaged/defective item or an item that does not comply with the specifications as per your original order
  • You have received an item with manufacturing defects like page missing, wrong printing, tore or damaged or misprinted etc.
  • You have received different book other than you purchased.
  • Tempered Packing.

What are the conditions for exchange?

*Terms & conditions
  • Items that you return should not be used, altered/tampered, Xeroxed, or marked. All original packing, labels, tags, leaflets, manuals, warranty/guarantee cards, freebies, accessories such as belts, locks, straps, etc. should be intact. The courier will not accept your item in absence of these. Items with locks/passwords should be returned unlocked/disabled.
  • In the condition of wrong delivery or in the event of above defined conditions, will exchange with corrections, but not refund money.
  • Replacements will depend on the availability of the item. In case the replacement item is out of stock, we will refund your amount.
  • Refund or replacement will be initiated after we receive the item to be returned/replaced.


What mode of payment will be used for refund?

We will initiate refund to the following modes once your item is received by us:

Payment mode

Refund mode options

Credit card/ Debit card/ Prepaid Payment Instrument

Credit card/ Debit card/ Prepaid Payment Instrument /FreeCharge Balance

Bank Account through net banking

Bank account through net banking/FreeCharge Balance

Cash on Delivery*

NEFT to Bank account/ FreeCharge Balance

Gift card/ Gift voucher

Gift card/ Gift voucher/ FreeCharge Balance

FreeCharge Balance

FreeCharge Balance

* Some partners may offer you the option to pay with a credit/debit card upon delivery/pickup. Refunds for such payments will be via NEFT to your bank account or can be refunded to your FreeCharge Balance.


  • We may request for information/documents to verify your credentials before initiating the refund.
  • If the payment mode has expired or is no longer valid, we will refund you one of the modes mentioned above.

Not happy with your purchase? Trust Relation guarantees 100% Payment Protection if there is an issue, Please write us on

What if npibooks’s courier partner doesn't serve my location?

In case we are unable to arrange a reverse pickup for you, we'll inform you and request you to return the item via any other courier. We will refund the full courier amount in SD cash up to Rs. 400.