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Corrosion Protection of Building Materials

ISBN : 9788193175132

Author(s) : Rajesh Kumar Singh

Year : 2015

Edition : 1

Cover Type : Hard Cover`

Size : 5.5 x 8.5

Weight : 280 gm/136P

Publisher : NPI

Subject : Chemistry

Language : English

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Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh is assistant professor in the PG department of chemistry, Jagdam College, J P University, Chapra, India. He qualified CSIR-UGC (NET), ICAR (NET) and GATE and joined as a PhD research scholar in the department of chemistry, IIT, Bombay under guidance of Dr. INN Namboothari in the field of organic synthesis. He completed 36 credit courses during research work. He synthesized nitrogen and sulphur containing organic compounds and these compounds used for the corrosion protection of materials. He completed his PhD research from Patna University, Patna under the supervision of professor D Prakash. He completed Indian Council of Agricultural Research (NET) in the area of organic chemistry. He joined as a PhD research scholar in the IIT, Delhi in the department of polymer sciences and engineering under the supervision of professor Vena Chaudhary. He did his M.Phil from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad in the field of Corrosion Science. He is life member of various learned societies. He has published fifty articles and six books in the field of corrosion science and engineering. He has produced several Ph.D research scholars under his supervision in the field of corrosion science and engineering. He is studying the effect of corrosive pollutants on materials, assets, health and environment. He has used nanocoating technique for corrosion protection of reinforced steel. UGC has provided financial support for his minor and major projects in the field of corrosion science and engineering. Presently he is engaged in his D.Sc research work in the department of chemistry, Ranchi University, Ranchi, India of course in the field of corrosion science.  

This book provides the information of corrosion of building materials and their protection. Pollutants corrode building materials and they change their physical, chemical, mechanical properties and tarnish facial appearance. This book gives idea about various forms of corrosion which occurs with building materials and analysis of corrosion. This book covers the various corrosion protection techniques of building materials. This book is useful for constructions industries, civil engineers, corrosion engineers, Metallurgical engineering, corrosion consultants, corrosion researchers, UG and PG students.

1 Introducing Corrosion of Building Materials                                      

   Definition of Corrosion                                                                         

   Corrosion of building materials                                                    

   The number of factors affects the corrosion of building materials       

   Physical factors                                                                            

   Chemical factors                                                                                     

   Biological factors                                                                         

   Mechanical factors                                                                        

   Manmade sources of pollutants                                                    

  Other types of corrosive agents                                                     

  Industry air pollutants                                                                   

2 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Concrete and Mortar   

Basic Information                                                                                

Dissolving Corrosion                                                                           

Swelling Corrosion                                                                              

Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Set Concrete                          

Corrosion of Set Concrete by Interaction with Corrosive Substances 

Acid Corrosion                                                                                   

Salts Corrosion with Ions Exchange Properties                                   

Salt Water Corrosion                                                                            

Fats and Oils Corrosion                                                                       

Other Types of Corrosion                                                                    

Analysis of Chemical Corrosion                                                          

Basic Information                                                                                

Water Corrosion                                                                                  

Sea Water Corrosion                                                                           

Subsoils Corrosion                                                                              

Gases Corrosion                                                                                   

Corrosion Protection of Set Cement in Concrete and Mortar               

Protection against Weak and Strong Acids                                          

Protection against very strong attack                                                    

Sulphate Corrosion                                                                             

Corrosion of Ballast                                                                            

Alkali Swelling Corrosion                                                                  

Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Reinforced Steels                

Basic Information                                                                            

Corrosion of Reinforced Steels                                                         

Faults in the Concrete                                                          

Protective Calcium hydroxide                                                  

The Rate of Carbonation                                                                

Action of Halides                                                                      

Types of Corrosion with High Tensile Steels                    

Stress Corrosion                                                                           

Hydrogen Embrittlement                                                

Corrosion Protection Reinforced Steels                    

3 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Ceramic Building Materials

Basic Information

4 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Glass                            

    Basic Information

5 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Nonmetallic Inorganic Building Materials

Nature of Stones                                                           

Asbestos Cement and Aerated Concrete                                

Silicate Concrete and Calcium Silicate                          

Gypsum, Anhydrite Cement, Slaked Lime Mortar and Magnesia Mortar

6 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Building Metals

General Information                                                     

Classification of Metallic Corrosion                                       

Surrounding Environment Condition                                     

External Appearance                                          

Chemical and Mechanical Action                        

Mechanism of Corrosion                                                        

Chemical Corrosion Reactions                                                         

Electrochemical Corrosion Reactions                                       

Different Oxygenation Corrosion                        

Atmospheric Corrosion                                                                     

Corrosion of Aluminum                                                         

Corrosion of Lead                                                         

Corrosion of Iron and Steel                                                      

Corrosion of Copper                                                    

Corrosion of Zinc                                                                               

Corrosion in Aqueous Medium                                              

Basic Information                                                                            

Corrosion of Materials by Rainwater and Melted Ice and Snow               

Corrosion of Materials by Drinking Water                                      

Water and Consumption Water                                             

Corrosion of Aluminum in Aqueous Medium                        

Corrosion of Lead in Aqueous Medium                        

Corrosion of Iron, Steel and Zinc in Aqueous Medium          

Corrosion of Copper in Aqueous Medium                                                

Corrosion of Materials by River Water                                  

Corrosion of Materials by Seawater                                       

Corrosion of Materials by Soil                                                        

Corrosion of Materials by Microorganisms                           

Chemical and Physical-Chemical Factors for Corrosion                  

Assessment of the Corrosivity of Soils                                            

Extraction and Analysis of Soil Samples                               

Electrolytic or Galvanic Corrosion                                                  

Corrosion of Nonmetallic Building Materials

7 Corrosion Protection of Building Metals       

Basic Information                                                         

Active Corrosion Protection                                         

Influence of the Construction Material                

Protective Current Production Methods                       

Anodic Protection                                                         

Cathodic Protection                                                      

Passive Corrosion Protection                              

Metallic Coating                                                                     

Electrodeposition, Galvanizing                                              

Dipping in Molten Metals                                                      

Diffusion Treatment                                                     

Sprays Metal Coating                                                            

Organic Coatings                                                

Paint Materials                                                                     


8 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Organic Building Materials             


Bituminous Building Materials                                                        


Plastics as Building Materials                                                          

Plastics in Corrosion Protection                                   

Chemical Tests of Corrosion Media

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