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Solution to Problems in the Textile and Garment Industry

ISBN : 9789380308494

Author(s) : B. Purushothama

Year : 2014

Edition : 1

Cover Type : HB

Size : 9.5 X 6.5

Weight :

Publisher : NPI-D

Subject : Textile

Language : English

Price : INR.2695 /- Per Unit (soft copy also available)

Price : USD.250 /- Per Unit (soft copy also available)

Discount : Rs.540 /- Per Unit

Shipping : Rs.60 /- Per Unit

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This book makes an attempt to define and identify problems, identify roots of a problem, explain various techniques that can be used for solving problems, developing our thinking by brainstorming and critical and creative thinking methods, usage of QC tools for diagnosing and taking decisions, and managing the change after implementing a solution. The case studies (real cases) are given to illustrate how solutions were found for the problems. This book explains various problem-solving techniques developed world over to solve the specific problems; some may be replicated and some are not. However by studying these techniques, one can think whether that technique can help to solve his problem. The technique adapted and implemented is more important than the techniques published by someone depending on his experience and knowledge.

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