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Women on the Map of World's Major Religions

ISBN : 9789385961045

Author(s) : Dr. Abhilasha

Year : 2015

Edition : 1

Cover Type : Paper Back

Size : 8.5 x 5.5

Weight : 170 gr./137P

Publisher : NPI

Subject : General

Language : English

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The author is Associate Professor in the Department of English and Foreign Languages Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak. Apart from being Head of the Department of EFL she is also Dean I/C of Faculty of Education. The present book is the outcome of her incessant quest and questioning of social, cultural and especially religious directives which govern societal attitudes towards women. Dr. Abhilasha has authored few more women centric books in different context in search of possibility and probability of a viable woman self. She is gold medalist, Ph.D and D.Litt. in English literature and has also qualified UGC NET. Her research papers have been published in various national and international journals of repute.  Her arena of interest and research is Women Studies and African-American literature.      

There is no religion in Nature as nature itself is a religion of calm, quietness, peace and harmony. Though Hobbes has said that 'nature is red in tooth and claw' suggesting the violence therein. But that violence is not researched and planned and above all not prescribed. Whereas in our society various religions have prescribed certain rules, have described in certain manners and have handed over a planner to the womenfolk. But an objective and detached observation makes us realize that a religion which denies an individual to realize her/his full potential as a human being is only man-made and there is no Godliness in it. Why god created nature ahead of us? To make us behold and learn from it how to create our own humane society based on harmonious and just the relationship. This book is a humble attempt to reveal somewhere and somehow our cankerous vision has failed to interpret it.

The description of and prescription for women in different religious scriptures.

Women in the Smrities

Women in Ramayana

Women as depicted in The Mahabharata

Concept of Purusha and Prakriti

Myths and Mysticism of Women

Epics on the Role of women

Women in Ayurveda

Women in Islam

The State

Fundamentalisn or Islamism

Ownership in Islam

The Plitical Aspects

Women in Judaism



Women in Buddhism

The Role of Women as Wife

Question of Chastity

Woman in Christianity

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