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Analytical Techniques in Animal Nutrition Research

ISBN : 9789381450505

Author(s) : Prabhu, T.M.

Year : 2013

Edition : 1st

Cover Type : HB

Size : 24.6 x 16.2 x 1.8 cm

Weight : 520gm

Publisher : NPI-C

Subject : Agricultural Sciences

Language : English

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Analytical Techniques in Animal Nutrition Research Analysis of rumen liquor for fraction of VFAs enzymatic activityof various metabolites and estimation of rumen fluid volume and itsflow rate are covered in depth. It was followed by estimation ofanti-nutritional / toxic factors in various un-conventional feedsusing HPLC / Spectrophotometer, detail analysis of milk and bodycondition scoring for dairy cattle are included as assessment ofthese parameters are important in Ruminant Nutrition Research.Necessary practical work is included; the exhaustive details havebeen avoided, since the manual is primarily meant for postgraduatescholars, teachers, scientists and feed industry personnel use.

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