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Applied Computational Biology and Statistics in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (Set of 2 Vols.)

ISBN : 9789380235929

Author(s) : Roy, A.K.

Year : 2012

Edition : 1st

Cover Type : HB

Size : 25 cm

Weight : 2kg 648gm

Publisher : NPI-C

Subject : Biotechnology

Language : English

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The book entitled "Applied Computational Biology and Statistics in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics" is aimed to cater to the growing demand of academia, researchers and commercial ventures. Altogether there are forty four s divided into the following broad sections like 1. Bioinformatics, Genomics and Proteomics, 2. Phylogeny 3. Drug Design and Epigenomics 4. Advanced Computational Tools and Techniques 5. Statistical methods for computational biology, data mining and visualization 6. Socio Economics and Ethics. This book presents the foundations of key problems in computational molecular biology and bioinformatics. It contains basic molecular biology concepts, tools, techniques and ways to measure sequence similarity, presents simple applications of searching sequence databases. After introducing methods for aligning multiple biological sequences and genomes, the text explores applications of the phylogenetic tree, methods for comparing phylogenetic trees, the problem of gene expression and motif finding. Interestingly, it is attempted to introduce computational biology without formulas that presents the biological and computational ideas in a relatively simple manner. It focuses on computational and statistical principles applied to genomes, and introduces the computational statistics that are crucial for understanding and visualization of problems. This makes the material accessible to Statistician and computer scientists without biological training, as well as to biologists with limited background in Statistics and computer science. Furthermore one has been exclusively devoted to computational biology and computational statistics as applied in biotechnology illustrated with methodology, application and interpretation of results. More than four hundred figures, illustrations and diagrams reinforce concepts and present key results from the primary literature that will be very much useful to grasp on the subject, visualize the output and make right interpretation of the result. The book will be useful for all those working in Biotechnology sector in general and particularly researchers working in the laboratories of ICAR, CSIR, SAU's and many more institutions engaged R&D activities.

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