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Essentials of Business Organization and Management

ISBN : 9789381156278

Author(s) : Pawan Kumar Bhura (Jain), Dr. P.K.Sharma

Year : 2014

Edition : First

Cover Type : Paperback

Size : 10 x 7.5

Weight : 384 gm

Publisher : NPI-A

Subject : Management

Language : English

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. Pawan Kumar Bhura (Jain) is an Assistant Proffesor in the Department of Commerce, Syamlal College (Evening), University of Delhi. He did M.Com (Accounting and Business Statistics) fro University of Bikaner. He has a vast experience of teaching financial accounting, corporate accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, business mathematics and statistics and income tax to the students at under graduate and post graduate level. Read More….

Dr. P.K. Sharma is Master of Commerce and Ph.D. from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi as well as M.A./M.Phil. in Social Systems (Sociology) from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has more than three decadesof teaching experience at Delhi School of Arts & Commerce, University of Delhi. Read More…

This book is an attempt to provide the comprehensive view to outline the subject of business organization and management. It is an effort to stepwise study the phases and stages to succeed the venture. It also elaborates various management theories and approaches in the project. The management functions are also studies with their relevance and importance in the changing scenario of the environment. It has well explained how to adapt in dynamic situation that is practically visible everywhere around. It also deals with vital section of human resource, motivate them and compensate them. We have given a special importance to the challenge of communication whether it is upwards or downwards.

  1. Spectrum of business activities
  2. Manufacturing and service sectors
  3. India’s experience of globalisation and privitization
  4. Multinational corporations and indian transnational
  5. Network marketing, franching, BPO, E-commerce and M-commerce
  6. Process of setting up a business enterprise
  7. Operations: business size and location decisions
  8. Layout, mass production and mass customization
  9. Productivity, quality and logistics
  10. Functional aspects of business
  11. Forms of business ownership
  12. Approaches to management
  13. Management gurus
  14. Corporate strategy and strategic plan
  15. Growth strategies
  16. Decision making
  17. Organizing and staffing
  18. Contemporary organization formats
  19. Motivation
  20. Leadership
  21. Communication
  22. Control
  23. Management of strategic change
  24. Knowledge management and learning organization

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