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Human Development: Anthropological Insights. Vol-II

ISBN : 9788193175125

Author(s) : Anup Kumar Kapoor, Monika Saini

Year : 2015

Edition : 1

Cover Type : Paperback

Size : 8.5 x 5.5

Weight : 250 gr.

Publisher : NPI

Subject : Social Science (Anthropology, Education, Sociology, Society, History)

Language : English

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  1. Anup Kumar Kapoor, former Vice-chancellor, Jiwaji University, Gwalior (M.P.). His research interest covers Human Population Biology, Forensic Anthropology, and Cultural Biology with emphasis on tribal Himalayan and Health studies, Biological Gerontology, Neuroanthropology and Human Rights. As an anthropologist he has carried out extensive and intensive fieldwork among tribes, caste and ethnic groups in the various states and Union Territories.

Prof. Kapoor has received several awards like Ruchi Awards (1991), UGC Research Award (1999), Life Time Education Achievements Awards (2006), Vidya Ratan Award (2008), Man of The Year Award(2009), Dr. Panchanan Mitra Memorial Lectureship Awards of the Asiatic Society (2014) and he has also been the President of Section of Anthropological and Behavioural Science,102nd Indian Science Congress Association.

He has served and has been serving as a member of the Editorial Board of Indian Journals and Reviewer of different International journals. Prof. Kapoor has made scientific and educational visits to USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, France, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia. Prof. Kapoor has published more than 230 research papers and articles in National and International Journals and authored/edited 16 books. At Present he is Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007.

  1. Ms. Monika Saini did her M.Sc. in Anthropology from University of Delhi, Delhi. Her research focus is on applied physical anthropology, document image analysis, biometrics and pattern recognition in the domain of Forensic Science and Forensic Anthropology. She has carried out extensive field work among different tribes and caste groups of India which includes Amarkantak (Madhya Pradesh), Nagpur (Maharashtra), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Daman and Diu, Bangalore and Dharwad (Karnataka).

She has also been the recipient of Young Scientist Award in the Anthropological and Behavioural Sciences section of Indian Science Congress-2015 and 1st Prof. P. C. Biswas Best Paper Memorial Award- 2015 organized by Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi. She has been awarded University Grant Commission – Senior Research Fellowship. She has to her credit a total of ten well acclaimed publications in journals of international and national repute. She has also published three books so far. She is a member of several professional Anthropological associations/societies and has participated in various national seminars and conferences. At present she is attached with Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi, Delhi. She can be reached at

The involvement of anthropology in human development is universally popular. The anthropological perspectives on human development define anthropology as a holistic approach, which is both diachronic and synchronic. It consists of all aspects of people’s social, economic, and cultural life including the social habits of the human population. Anthropological work provides a good sense of the wealth of human societies, and of the importance of their physio-cultural diversity. The diverse ways of anthropological perspectives encourage a sustainable people-oriented approach to all the developmental aspects of life while accepting considerable variations from one community to another.

The present volume encapsulates various dimensions of anthropological researches, which are of great concern for human development. This volume will also open new vistas of understanding and insights into the human development through variegated works of anthropology. Besides anthropologists, this work will be of great interest to other social scientists, bureaucrats, and development practitioners.

  1. Eruption of Permanent Teeth among the Chakhesang Children of Sodzulhou Village, Dimapur District, Nagaland

         Naorem Ranjita, D.K. Limbu,

  1. Women, Work and Family:Barriers in Role Management

         Dr. Itishree Padhi,.

  1. Marital Adjustment among Sunni Muslim Women of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

         Naila Ansari,     

  1. Grip Strength: Hand Dominance and its Correlation with Selected Anthropometric and Body Composition Variables among Ao Nagas

         Imkongtenla Pongen,

  1. A Study on the Culture Processes of the Dance Forms in North East India

         Aheri Das,

  1. Determinants of Blood Pressure amongBidi Workes of Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh, India

         Arun Kumar, Rajesh K. Gautam,

  1. The Cross-sectional Dynamics of Migration and Health: An Anthropological Study of the Wire Stripping Workers in Delhi

         Anu Bhawana,

  1. Maternal and Child Health: Exploring the Contours of Service Delivery in Private and Public Health Care System in Meghalaya

         Roumi Deb

  1. Nutritional Status of School-age Children - A Scenario of Urban Slums in India

         Sima Srivastava,

  1. Religious Beliefs and Practices of the Deoris: An Empirical Insight among a Priestly Tribe of Upper Assam

         Arifur Zaman,

  1. A Study on a-b and c-d Palmar Ridge Counts among the Bengalee Hindu E-Beta Thalassemia Patients of West Bengal, India

         Piyali Das, Arup Ratan Bandyopadhyay,

  1. The Diverse Understanding of the Issues of Polity: A Brief Ethnographic Profile of the Dialogues with the Urban Muslims

         Farhat Naaz, Arnab Das, Professor,

  1. Development and Gender Difference: A Case Study of Satwasa, UP Village

         Vandana Kumari,

  1. Scientific Evidence Management in Crimes against Children and Forensic Social Work

         Babul Bandyopadhyay,

  1. An Empirical Study on Consumer’s Attitude towards Organic Food Product with Special Reference to Sivakasi Town

         Mr. T. Muthupandian,    Mr. E. Pradeep,  V.M. Shenbagaraman

  1. Prevalence and Types of Inbreeding in Budaga Jangam Community and other Caste Population in Chekkapalli Village of Andhra Pradesh and Occurrence of Disabilities

         Gurindapalli Bindushaw

  1. Dermatoglyphics and its Use in Predicting Down’s Syndrome:Birth, Growth and Development of Dermatoglyphics

         Soumya Misra and Kavya Singh

  1. Variability of Identification Marks among Population Groups of Delhi

Vijeta Choudhary ,  Anup Kumar Kapoor

  1. Science, Technology and Sustainable Development

         Indira Srivastava

  1. Insulin Resistance and Risk Factors among Adolescent: Beyond the Obesity Paradox

         Deepali Verma, Satwanti Kapoor

21.Bioethics and Medical Genetics

  1. Gandhi

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