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Reservation Policy

ISBN : 9788190410830

Author(s) : Sandeep Mukherjee

Year : 2008

Edition : Second

Cover Type : Paperback

Size : 8.5 x 5.5

Weight : 458 gm

Publisher : NPI-A

Subject : General

Language : English

Price : INR.320 /- Per Unit (soft copy also available)

Price : USD.16 /- Per Unit (soft copy also available)

Discount : Rs.64 /- Per Unit

Shipping : Rs.45 /- Per Unit

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Sandeep Mukherjee is well known to those dealing with implementation of reservation policy of the government. A Central Secretariat Service Officer, he is at present working as a faculty member in the Institute of Secretariat Training and Management, Dept of Personnal and Training sinse September, 2000.

This book is meant for those who are directly or indirectly involved with implementatiion of the reservation policy of the government. Administrative Officers, Liaison Officers, recruiting authorities, DPC members will all find this book very useful. This book explains in a step by step manner, as  to how reservation rosters are prepared, how they have to be operated and maintained. The unique features of this book are the many illustrations and examples to explain each concept in reservation.

  1.  Constitutional Provision for Reservation in Services
  2.  Definition of SC, ST and OBC
  3. Various methods of recruitment in the govt sectore
  4. Percentages of Reservation for SC, ST and OBC
  5. Exemption, relaxation and concessions
  6. Principles of preperation of rosters
  7. Operation of Roster
  8. Reservation in Direct Recruitment
  9. Rservation in promotion
  10. Reservations for persons with disabilites
  11. Copy of orders referred in this book

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