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Educational Experiences of Tribal Students in Higher Education

ISBN : 9789385961274

Author(s) : Ramanand Pandey

Year : 2017

Edition : 1

Cover Type : Hard Cover

Size : 8.5 x 5.5

Weight : 236gm./110P

Publisher : NPI

Subject : Education

Language : English

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Ramanand Pandey is a Ph.D. Stydent in Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi. He did his masters in Dalit and Tribal studies and action from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. He has done his graduation from DU. His research interest areas are Tribal, Policy and North-East.

I have taught in a government school where most of the students were belongs to marginalized section of the society.  The daily experiences of these students bound me to look deeper in this field and issues of these students which they are facing in education sector. It encourages me to study and Tribal study as subject and I move to TISS to study in this fields. In TISS, I came to know the various narratives and theories. All these experiences help me to understand tehse realities and notions. The time in Jansahas are very important where I have worked with Tribals and understand their issues in deeper section. Here only I able to understand the contrast of theories and fields. These experiences also help me to choose my research field. This The aims of the book to bring the narrative of Tribal students who keep struggling to felt their presence in field of education. Despite having lot policies and plans their GER rate is very low among all marginalized sections. Book is also trying to know the aspirations and motivation and aspiration of tribal students who are coming in higher education. it is also trying to explore structural issues which are behind the very less representation in field of higher education.

This is the reflection what I have done in two years in TISS. Faculty’s member Bodhi Sir, Alex Sir, Biswaranjan Sir and my guide Prof. Bipin Jojo always help me to undersatynd tribal realities and issues. Where Bodhi Sir always help me to understand philosophical aspects of field and theories, my guide Prof. Jojo help to deal research issues and how can I dealt it in field.

  1. ST             : Scheduled Tribes
  2. GER             : Gross Enrolment Ratio
  3. NPE-1986 : National Policy on Education-1986
  4. TDBs             : Tribal Development Blocks
  5. TSP             : Tribal Sub-plans
  6. TRIFED : Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India
  7. NSFDC : National Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation

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