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Teacher Education: with a new perspective

ISBN : 9789385961328

Author(s) : Dr. Ashwini Karwande

Year : 2017

Edition : 1

Cover Type : Hard Cover

Size : 8.5 x 5.5

Weight : 314 gm./170P

Publisher : NPI

Subject : Education

Language : English

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Dr. Ashwini Karwande is Asstt. professor in Department of Education, University of Mumbai, Mumbai.


NCTE has revised the curriculum framework for teacher education and for the first time made the recommendation for beginning a two-year B.Ed. programme with the objective of preparing quality teachers. The two-year B.Ed. programme aims at a holistic development of the student-teacher; particularly in knowledge and skills, in individual care of the learner and also in methods and evaluation designs to facilitate learning. Simultaneously, to enhance the capacities of teacher educators, NCTE revised its regulations to institute long-duration M.Ed. programme of a minimum of two years and make provision for offering specializations as per the needs of the states.

This book has compiled the views of researchers, academicians and eminent educationists from the field of education where they have shared their experiences and deliberated upon the ideas related to the revised curriculum of teacher education and its transaction to bring forth better, professionals and effective teachers.

The book is divided into four parts

  1. Capacity building of teacher educators with new perspectives
  2. Challenges faced by teacher education institutions and University Departments of Education.
  • Implications for employment and career progression of prospective teachers
  1. Building partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education / Schools / Local Authorities / Policy Makers

This contribution by the teacher educators will be useful to develop insight for educators, policy makers, researchers, academicians and educationists. The editor, Dr. Ashwini Karwande, expresses her sincere thanks to all the authors for their scholarly contribution for this book.


Name of the Chapter

Name of the Author

Pg. No.


Teaching, Learning and Education

J.V. Yakhmi



Theme I:  Capacity Building of Teacher Educators with New Perspectives


Steps Taken to Quality Control of Teacher Education Program

Anjali Sharma

Neha Rawat



Capacity Building of Teacher Educators with the Use of Smart board

Mamata Nath




Capacity Building of Teacher Educators for Role Efficacy

Neela Kamat




Skill development as a Capacity Building among Prospective Teacher Educators

Rakhi Sawlane




Capacity building of teacher educators with new perspectives

Shesh Kumar Sharma




Capacity Building of Teacher Educators for Quality Education at School Level

Neelu Verma



Theme II: Challenges Faced by Teacher Education Institutions and University Departments of Education


Philosophical Perspective on Educational  System

Archana Malik-Goure



Attitude of Pre – Service Student –Teachers (B. Ed. Course) Towards Teaching Profession

Kishori Mestry




Opinion of Teacher Educators on Justice Verma’s Recommendation for Two Years B.Ed. Programme

Seema Rajput

Sudha Pingle


Theme III: Implications for Employment and Career Progression of Prospective Teachers


Implications For Employment and Career Progression of Prospective Teachers

Rehana athani



Theme IV: Building Partnerships with  Institutions of Higher Education / Schools / Local Authorities / Policy Makers


Getting from Here To There: Looking at Partnership as a Sustainable Measure To Enhance Teacher Education

Radhika Vakharia




Traditional Education System and Women: A Case study of Uttar Pradesh.

Rahila Sikandar



Building Synergetic Partnership between Schools and Teacher Education Institutions

Sangeeta Srivastava




Admission or Enrollment Challenge For Teacher Education Institutes

Maru Jaswanti




Teacher Education: Creating Networks of Excellence, breaking silos and harnessing the power of collaboration


Aparna  Sivakumar



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