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The 21st Century Women's Issues Shaping the World

ISBN : 9789385961380

Author(s) : Dr. Rashmi Das, Mr. Sanjeev Ningombam, Dr. Abhishek Srivastava

Year : 2019

Edition : 1

Cover Type : Hard Cover

Size : 8.5 x 5.5

Weight :

Publisher : NPI

Subject : Social Science (Anthropology, Education, Sociology, Society, History)

Language : English

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The World Organization of Students and Youth (WOSY) began this year with a social conference on, The Women’s Issues Shaping the 21st Century. Finally, all over the globe, issues of women are not being pigeonholed as a sectional interest but getting a pervasive spread in policy, advocacy, academics, legal rights, politics, business and every conceivable human enterprise. Women are claiming opportunities and are climbing up based on their merit. Lot of ceilings are being smashed, some visible and some invisible. Discriminatory conditioning is called out and exposed. Women don’t want special treatment but they do want and require equality of opportunity. The road to empowerment runs through a good education and increasingly families are educating their daughters and equipping them with the wherewithal necessary for chasing their career dreams. This is the reality of our world today for large sections of humanity. But at the same time there remain huge swathes of populations which have not been touched by this enlightened thinking sweeping across all continents. So, urgent action by young people in terms of academic output and community mobilizations are a necessity.


Influence of Child Marriage and Women’s health on Infant Mortality Rate: Debapriya Saha



Women as Leaders of Rural Local Governments in India: Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha                                                                                                                                                     


Racism Vs Leadership: Special Reference to Women Leadership: Alma Siddiqua


Woman Empowerment Towards Developing Uzbekistan: Dildora Khodjaeva


Women as Leaders in Indian Economy : Dr. Avani Shah & Dr. Hetal Jani


Gender Equality, Political Participation in 21st Century:  a Quest for Indian Woman: Dr Mamata Patra


Women at Workplace: Discriminations and Harassment : Manisha Halder


Mapping Women Trafficking in India: A Major Security Threat: Dr. Saurabh Sharma & Dolly Mishra


Role of Government in Improving the Social Health of Turkmen Women and its Implications: Maya Amanova


Women and Development: A Brief Study in Indian Context: Priyanka Priyadarsani Mallick

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