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Human Development : Behavioral Insights

ISBN : 9789385961038

Author(s) : Anup Kumar Kapoor, Gautam K. Kshatriya

Year : 2015

Edition : 1

Cover Type : Paperback

Size : 8.5 x 5.5

Weight : 290 gr.

Publisher : NPI

Subject : Anthropology

Language : English

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  1. Anup Kumar Kapoor, former Vice-chancellor, Jiwaji University, Gwalior (M.P.).His research interest covers Human Population Biology, Forensic Anthropology, and Cultural Biology with emphasis on tribal Himalayan and Health studies, Biological Gerontology, Neuroanthropology and Human Rights. As an anthropologist he has carried out extensive and intensive fieldwork among tribes, caste and ethnic groups in the various states and Union Territories.

Prof. Kapoor has received several awards like Ruchi Awards (1991), UGC Research Award (1999), Life Time Education Achievements Awards (2006), Vidya Ratan Award (2008), Man of The Year Award(2009), Dr. Panchanan Mitra Memorial Lectureship Awards of the Asiatic Society (2014) and he has also been the President of Section of Anthropological and Behavioural Science,102nd Indian Science Congress Association.

He has served and has been serving as a member of the Editorial Board of Indian Journals and Reviewer of different International journals. Prof. Kapoor has made scientific and educational visits to USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, France, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. Prof. Kapoor has published more than 230 research papers and articles in National and International Journals and authored/edited 16 books. At Present he is Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007.

  1. Kshatriya, G.K. is Professor in Anthropology and currently teaching at the Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi. He did his doctorate in Anthropology from University of Delhi in 1980. His areas of interest are population genetics, molecular anthropology, genetic epidemiology, tribal health, demography and population studies. He has done extensive field work for over 35 years in different tribal areas of India in the field of tribal health and population genetics and ethnic differences on the genetic aspects of male infertility. Recently he completed major tribal health projects funded by ICMR, DBT and World Bank.

He was a postdoctoral fellow in Human Population Genetics and Anthropology at the University of Texas, Health Science Centre at Houston, GSBS, USA. He has also received special training under the supervision of Prof. D.C. Rao, Director, Division of Biostatistics, Washington University school of Medicine, St. Louis on genetic aspects of epidemiology. Prof. Kshatriya was invited as a Visiting Profssor to School of Nursing, University of Coahuila, Mexico from October 2014 through December 2014. He is currently officiating as Chairman, Governing body of Khalsa College, Dev Nagar, Delhi. He has more than 100 publications to his credit in National and International Journals. He has also authored two books on demographic anthropology. E-mail:


Behavioral science attempts to study the behaviour of an organism on the basis of systematic, rational, demonstrable-cause-effect-relationship. It incorporates many disciplines and assists in understanding of human behaviour in relation to a number of factors. The study of human development through behavioural science is essential to investigate the decision processes and communication stratagies within and between organisms in a social system. The understanding of cognition, emotion, motivation, and similar behavioral processes leads to the deep roots of human personality development.

This volume provides a comprehensive collection of researches in the field of behvioral science which covers all the aspects of human development. It is of great interest to all the psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and cognitive scientists who are involved in the different spheres of human development.


  1. Shyness, Emotional Maturity Mental Health and Life Satisfaction

         Raghunandan Prasad Singh

  1. Some Personality Traits of Mentally Retarted Children

         Bikash Krishna Singh, Arun Kumar Singh

  1. Ego-Strength, Aggresion, Anxiety, Adjustment and Mental Health

         Nirmal Kumar Singh, Viveka Nand Singh

  1. Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Health Stress & Well Being

         Dinesh Kumar,    Ajay Kumar

  1. Effect of Counseling And Group Psychotherapy On Pathological Gamblers

         M.G. Sharma,     Awadesh Upadhaya, Vandana Sharma,

  1. Media Roles in Suicide Prevention

         Saroj Kothari,

  1. Analysis of Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive and Helicopter Parenting Styles and There Effects On Adolescents

         Nilosmita Banerjee

  1. Mental Health of Industrial Employees in Ahmadabad District with Reference to Gender, Age and Family Status

         Salauddin M. Kaji

  1. “Psychological Well-Being: A Study ofthe Institutionalized Aged”

         Pankaj S. Suvera

  1. Family Environment of Secondary Level School Students in Relation to their Area of Residency & Gender

         Parikshit kumar,  M. Vaghela

  1. Work-Related Quality Of Life and Work Engagement of Teachers

         Meenakshi Gokhale,

  1. Prevalence of Absenteeism among School Teachers Of Khunti District In Jharkhand

         Rekha Tripathy,

  1. Mental Health and Perceived Maternal Child-Rearing Behaviourof Indian Adolescents

         Rakesh K. Srivastava,

  1. Academic Stress and Adjustment among 10 Standard High School Going Students

         Subhash Sharma,

  1. Role of Emotional Intelligence for Academic Achievement for Students

         Sultana Perween

  1. Role of Technology in Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

         Sangita Kumari

  1. A Study of Adjustment Problem Of Retired Person.

         Ratna Samanta (Datta)

  1. A Brief Overview of the Field of Positive Psychology

         Anita Arora

  1. Music as a Tool for Change In Mood And Behaviour

         Mamta Rani Thakur

  1. Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Primary School Teachers

         Bhagat Singh,    Arun Kumar

  1. A Comparative Study of Rural and Urban Marital Women in Terms of State Anxiety

         Asha Rani

  1. Work Centrality as a Function Of Gender & Habitat Among College Teachers

         Mahjabeen Khanam

  1. Mobile Phone Behavior and Friendship
  2. John Michael Raj
  3. Psychological Well-Being of Social Networking Addict Adolescents With Regards To Gender

         Jyoti P. Updhyay, Dr. Dinesh J. Panchal

  1. Sex and Sexuality: When Indians Turn To Helplines For Emotional Support

         Rishika Dowerah, Ria Kataria

  1. A Qualitative Research on the Attitudes of Teachers Towards Homosexuality

         Katyal Sadhika ,            Pillai Rhea

  1. A Study of Job Satisfaction among Government Male Employees

         Vrajesh J. Mistri

  1. Economic and Health Values of Government and Non-Government Employees

         Hiren J. Nayak

  1. Effectiveness of Creative Teaching of Science for Sustainable Development

         Arman Alam, Khurshida Orooj

  1. Androgynity, Mental Health and Adjustment

         Sanjay Kumar, Kumari Sonam

  1. An Exploratory Study on Employee Engagement and TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) Using David Zinger Engagement Blocks (with Reference to Information Technology Sector in India)
  2. Gowri Kusuma, M. Sukanya
  3. How to Overcome Anxiety in Adolescents

         Bharti Joshi, Deepak Jahagirdar

  1. A Comparative Study ofthe Perception of Family Functioning in Addicted Individuals Currently in RehabilitationAnd Their Significant Other

         Krishna Iyer, Snehal Mehta, Aninha Lobo,

  1. A Comparative Study of Some Personality Characteristics of Mentally Retarded Children

         Niranjan Kumar Kanth,             Randhir Kumar

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