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NPI International Journal Of Neo-Educational Research & StudiesNav-Shaikshik Anusandhan Aur Adhyayan Ki Vaishvik Shodh PatrikaNPI International Research Journal of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology(Volume-1) Issue-1&2Migration: A Dream, Destination and DestinyValue Oriented EducationElevate your Values and SpiritualityTeacher Education: with a new perspectiveEducational Experiences of Tribal Students in Higher EducationTemperate Horticulture: Current ScenarioTechnologies for Sustainable Green EnvironmentTechnologies for Livelihood EnhancementSystematics of Fruit CropsSystem Based Integrated Nutrient ManagementSwine Production and Health ManagementSustainable Environmental ScienceSustainable Agriculture: A Vision for FutureSustainability of Small Farms in Coastal EcosystemsStatistical Methods for Agricultural Field ExperimentsStatistical Designs and Analysis for Agricultural Field ExperimentsSpices: Vol.05. Horticulture Science SeriesTextbook of Ruminant NutritionThe Basics of Human Civilization: Vol.1: Food, Agriculture and Humanity Present ScenarioSpices, Plantation Crops, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: A HandbookThe Basics of Human Civilization: Vol.2: FoodThe Chemistry of Soil ConstituentsSolving the Pulses CrisisSoil Testing and Analysis: Plant, Water and Pesticide ResiduesSoil Science: An Elementary TextbookSoil Sampling and Methods of AnalysisSoil Microbiology and BiochemistrySoil Conservation: Fully Revised and Updated: 3rd ed.Social Ecological Diversity and Traditional Food Systems: Oppurtunities from the Biocultural WorldThe Chemistry of Soil ProcessesSHGs in Techno-Economic Empowerment of Tribal WomenThe PomegranateThe Qur-anic Plants and AnimalsSeed Science and TechnologyThe Science of Horticulture: Vol 01Seed Production of Field CropsThe Science of Horticulture: Vol 02The Theory of Sample Surveys and Statistical DecisionsSecrets of Homoeopathy (PB)Samekit Krishi Pranali (Hindi)Rural Livelihood and Food SecurityResearch Methodology in Social SciencesRenewable Energy Sources for Sustainable DevelopmentRemote Sensing in GeomorphologyRemote Sensing Applications in Dryland Natural Resource ManagementRemember Your Humanity: Pathway to Sustainable Food SecurityRejuvenation in Fruit Trees: Tropical and SubtropicalRecycling of Industrial EffluentsRecent Trends in Horticultural Biotechnology: In 2VolsRecent Trends in Animal BehaviourRecent Advances in BiopesticidesRadio Tracer Techniques for Agriculturists and BiologistsRabbit Production and ManagementQuestion Bank in Postharvest TechnologyQuestion Bank in Extension EducationQuestion Bank Agricultural EngineeringQuantitative Genetics and Crop BreedingQuality Milk Production and Processing TechnologyQuality Control for Value Addition in Food ProcessingQuality Assurance Techniques in PharmaceuticalsQuality Assessment of Milk & Milk ProductsProtected Cultivation of Horticultural CropsPropagation of Horticultural Plants: Arid and Semi-Arid RegionsPropagation of Horticultural Crops: Vol.06. Horticulture Science SeriesProduction Technology of Spices, Aromatic, Medicinal and Plantation CropsPrinciples of Meat Technology: 2nd Revised and Expanded EditionPrinciples and Applications of Agricultural MeteorologyPrecision Farming in HorticulturePractical Plant Biotechnology and GeneticsPractical Manual of Horticulture Crops: Vol.02: Processing and Postharvest TechnologiesPractical Manual of Horticulture Crops: Vol.01: Production TechnologiesPractical Manual of Horticulture Crops: Set of 2 Vols.Practical Manual of Entomology (Insects and Non-Insects Pests)Practical Isotope HydrologyPractical Animal NutritionPractical Agricultural MeteorologyPostharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops: Vol.07. Horticulture Science SeriesPostharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops: Practical Manual Series Vol 02Postharvest Technology and Processing of Horticultural CropsPostharvest Technology and Engineering: An Illustrated GuidePostharvest Technologies for Commercial FloriculturePostharvest Techniques and Management for Dry FlowersPostharvest Management and Processing of Fruits and VegetablesPlant-Microbe InteractionsPlantation CropsPlant Toxonomy and Biosystematics: Classical and Modern MethodsPlant Secondary MetabolitiesPlant Pathogens and Principles of Plant PathologyPlant Nutrient Disorders: Diagnosis and ManagementPlant Diseases: Identification and Management (With Illustrations)Plant Biochemistry: Techniques and ProceduresPigeonpea Hybrids and Their ProductionPhyto-nematodes in Crops: Their Identification,Treatment and ManagementPhytochemical TechniquesPhysiology of Finfish and ShellfishPhysiological Disorders of Fruit CropsPhysio-Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Vegetable CropsPhysical ClimatologyPhal Evam Sabji Parirakshan Digdarshika (PB)Pests of Vegetables: Bionomics and ManagementPests of Stored Grains and Their ManagementPesticides: Methods of Their Residues EstimationPest Management and Residual Analysis in Horticultural CropsOrnamental PlantsOrnamental HorticultureOrganic SpicesOrganic Farming Scope and Uses of BiofertilizersOrganic FarmingOrchid: Cultivation and ManagementOilseeds: Properties,Products,Processing and ProceduresObjective Microbiology (PB)Objective Horticulture (PB)Objective Genetics (PB)Objective Biochemistry (PB)Objective Agronomy (PB)Objective Agriculture Statistics (PB)Nutritional Disorders in Fruit Crops: Diagnosis and ManagementNutraceuticals in Livestock and PoultryNumericals and Short Questions in Farm Machinery,Power and Energy in AgricultureNumerical Methods and Models in Earth ScienceNitrogen Use Efficiency in PlantsNematology: Fundamentals and ApplicationsNanotechnology in Soil Science and Plant NutritionNanotechnology in AgricultureMolecular Markers and Plant BiotechnologyMolecular Biology and Biotechnology: Microbial MethodsMolecular Biology and BiochemistryModern Technology in Vegetable ProductionModern Technologies for Sustainable AgricultureModern Methods in Plant PhysiologyModern Biotechnology and Its Applications (Set of 2Vols.) Set PriceMobile Phones for Agricultural ExtensionMineral Exploration: Recent StrategiesMicrobial Diversity and Its ApplicationsMicrobial Diversity and FunctionsMicrobial Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture,Horticulture and ForestryMicrobial BiotechnologyMicrobes: A Source of Energy for 21st CenturyMethods and Techniques in Plant PhysiologyMerging Plant Breeding with Crop BiotechnologyMedicinal Plants: Vol.02. Horticulture Science SeriesMedicinal Plants: Holistic ApproachesMechanization of Cultivated CropsMastitis and Allied Diseases in LivestockManagement of Horticultural Crops: Vol.11 Horticulture Science Series: (Part-I & II Combined In 1 Binding)Management of Horticultural Crops: Vol.11 Horticulture Science Series: (Part-I & II Combined In 1 Binding)Management of Agricultural InputsLivestock Production and Management: Recent Trends and Future ProspectsLivestock Nutrition: Analytical TechniquesLivestock Entrepreneurship ManagementLivestock Economics: Marketing,Business Management and AccountancyLivestock and Poultry: Conservation and Improvement TechniquesLibrary Services in the Knowledge WebLaboratory Manual of Microbiology: Practical Manual Series: 05Laboratory Manual of Biochemistry: Methods and TechniquesLaboratory Manual of Biochemistry: Methods and TechniquesIrrigation Systems EngineeringIrrigation and Agricultural Drainage EngineeringIPR: Drafting,Interpretation of Patent Specifications and ClaimsIntroductory MicrobiologyIntroduction to Animal PhysiologyIntellectual Property Rights Demystified (PB)Integrated Pest Management in the Tropics (In 2 Parts)Integrated Farming System Practices: Challenges and OpportunitiesInnovative HorticultureInnovations in Horticultural SciencesInnovations in Agribusiness ManagementInformation Technology,Plant Pathology and Biodiversity: Indian PrintInformation Technology in Veterinary ScienceInformation and Knowledge Management: Tools,Techniques and PracticesInformation and Communication Technology for Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentInformation Access in Digital LibrariesInfectious Diseases of Animals Their Identification and TreatmentIndigenous Medicinal Plants and their Practical UtilityImproving Productivity of Drylands by Sustainable Resource Utilization and ManagementImmunology: At A GlanceImmunology of Animal ReproductionImmunologyIllustrated Plant Pathology: Basic ConceptsIllustrated Dictionary of MicrobiologyIllustrated Dictionary of EntomologyIdentification and Management of Horticultural PestsICTs for Transfer of Technologies: Tools & TechniquesICTs for Agricultural Extension: Global Experiments,Innovations and ExperiencesHyperspectral Remote Sensing and Spectral Signature ApplicationsHydrogeomorphology: Fundamentals,Applications and TechniquesHuman Resource DevelopmentHorticulture Science Series: Vol.01-12: Set of 12 Vols. (Set Price)Hill Agriculture: Economics and SustainabilityHeterosis Breeding in Vegetable CropsHandbook on Freshwater AquacultureHandbook on Care and Management of Laboratory and Pet AnimalsHandbook of Rabbit Production and ManagementHandbook of Genetics and Biotechnology: 2nd Revised and Expanded ed.Green Agriculture: Newer TechnologiesGoat Production and Health ManagementGlossary of Veterinary EconomicsGIS: Fundamentals,Applications and ImplementationsGeospatial Technologies for Natural Resources ManagementGeomatics in TsunamiGeomatics in Applied GeomorphologyGeological Hazards: Causes,Consequences and Methods of ContainmentsGeoinformatics Applications in AgricultureGeographic Information SystemGenomics and Genetic EngineeringThe Theory of Sample Surveys and Statistical DecisionsGenetic Resources and Seed Enterprises: Management and Policies: In 2 Parts (Set Price)Genetic Improvement of Livestock and PoultryGeneral Animal Surgery and Anaesthesiology: (With Theory and Practicals)Gender Mainstreaming in Farm SectorFundamentals of Veterinary Developmental AnatomyFundamentals of Vegetable ProductionFundamentals of Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape GardeningFundamentals of Garden Designing: A Colour EncyclopediaFunctional Foods and NutraceuticalsFunctional FoodsFruit Crops: Vol.03. Horticulture Science SeriesFruit BreedingFreshwater Fish ParasitesForage Conservation TechniquesFood Science and Technology: Glossary of PreeminenceFood ScienceFood Processing Waste Management: Treatment and Utilization TechnologyFood Process Engineering and TechnologyFood Microbiology: Basic and Applied With Laboratory ExercisesFood Engineering and Technology (PB)Food and Nutritonal Security by Sustainable Agriculture: Methods to Attain and SustainFlowers for Trade: Vol.10. Horticulture Science SeriesFlowering Trees: Vol.12. Horticulture Science SeriesFlower Crops: Cultivation and ManagementFish Fermentation: Traditional to Modern ApproachesFiber Optic Sensors: Principles and ApplicationsFat Rich Dairy ProductsFarm Women Empowerment Through Dairy Co-operative SocietiesFarm Tools and Equipment for AgricultureFarm Machinery and PowerFarm Animal Management: Principles and PracticesFamily Farming and Rural Economic DevelopmentExtension Techniques for Livestock DevelopmentExtension of Technologies: From Labs to FarmsExtension Management Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture: Opportunities and ChallengesExtension Management in the Information Age Initiatives and ImpactsExtension Education Management in Veterinary Sciences and Animal HusbandryExtension Education Management in Veterinary Sciences and Animal HusbandryExperimental Phytochemical TechniquesExperimental Biotechnology: Practical Manual Series 06Evaluation and Impact Assessment of Technologies and Developmental Activities in Agriculture,Fisheries and Allied FieldsEthnomedicinal Plants Resource of Orissa: Vol.01Essentials of Veterinary Diagnostic ImagingEssentials of ToxicologyEssentials of HydrogeologyEssential Oils and their ApplicationsEssence of HorticultureEnvironmental Changes and Natural DisastersEnvironment,People and Development: Experiences from Desert EcosystemsEntomology: Novel ApproachesEnhancing Pulses Production: Technologies and StrategiesEngineering HydrologyEngineering and General GeologyEncyclopedia of Agricultural MeteorologyEmerging Technologies of the 21st CenturyElements of Food ScienceElements of EntomologyThe Weeds of Kumaun Himalayan Region (Uttarakhand)Efficiency Indices for Agriculture Management Research (PB)Town Planning Regeneration of CitiesTractors and Agricultural Machinery: 2nd Fully Revised and Updated EditionEconomics,Marketing and Sales of Agricultural ProductsTraditional Agricultural Practices: Applications and Technical ImplementationsTransgenic Animals in Agriculture: Indian PrintEcologically Based Integrated Pest Management (Set of 2 Vols.) (Set Price)Tuber and Root Crops: Vol.09. Horticulture Science SeriesDrying Technologies for Foods: Fundamentals and Applications: Part-IITurning Plants Into Medicines: Novel ApproachesDrying Technologies for Foods: Fundamentals and Applications: Part-IUnderutilized and Underexploited Horticultural Crops: Vol 01Underutilized and Underexploited Horticultural Crops: Vol 02Drug Discovery and Development: Traditional Medicine and EthnopharmacologyUnderutilized and Underexploited Horticultural Crops: Vol 03Droughts in Agricultural Production: Monitoring and ManagementUnderutilized and Underexploited Horticultural Crops: Vol 04Drip and Sprinkler IrrigationUnderutilized and Underexploited Horticultural Crops: Vol 05DNA: A Bridge Between Biochemistry and BiotechnologyValue Addition in Flowers and OrchidsVegetable Crops: Genetics Resources and ImprovementsDiseases of Vegetable Crops and Their Integrated Managment: A Colour HandbookVegetable Crops: Vol.04. Horticulture Science SeriesVegetable Seed ProcessingDiseases of Horticultural Crops Identification and ManagementVeterinary BacteriologyVeterinary Epidemiology: Basic ConceptsVeterinary ToxicologyDiseases of Field Crops and Their Integrated ManagementDisasters: Strengthening Community Mitigation and PreparednessVet's Ready ReckonerDimensions of Extension EducationWater Quality Modeling: Rivers,Streams and EstuariesWeed ScienceDiagnostic Veterinary Parasitology: An IntroductionWomen in Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentWomen in Sustainable AgricultureDevelopments in Physiology,Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants: Vol 02Youth in Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentZoonotic DiseasesDevelopments in Physiology,Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants: Vol 01Detritus and Decomposition in EcosystemsDairy Technology: Vol.02: Dairy Products and Quality AssuranceDairy Technology: Vol.01: Milk and Milk ProcessingDairy Technology: Set of 2 Vols. (Set Price)Dairy Plant ManagementDairy Animal ProductionCyanobacteria: Antibacterial ActivityCurrent Trends in Global EnvironmentCrop PhysiologyCrop Diseases: Identification,Treatment and ManagementCrop Diseases Management: Principles and PracticesContemporary Issues in Economics Development, AfricaConservation Agriculture for Carbon Sequestration and Sustaining Soil HealthConducting An Effective and Successful Training ProgrammeCommunity Ecology of Tropical BirdsCommon Reproductive Problems in Bovines and Canines (PB)Commercial HorticultureCommercial Crops Technology: Vol.08. Horticulture Science SeriesClinical Veterinary Medicine: Practical Manual Series Vol 03Climatic Variability: Impacts on Agriculture and Allied SectorsClimate Resilient Crops for the FutureClimate Mitigation and Carbon Finance: Global Initiatives & ChallengesClimate Change and Water Security: Impacts, Future Scenarios, Adaptations and MitigationsClimate Change and Plantations in the Humid TropicsClimate Change and Natural Resources ManagementClimate Change and Food SecurityClimate Change and Environment: Concepts and Strategies to Mitigate ImpactsClimate Change and Chemicals: Environmental & Biological AspectsClimate Change and Agricultural Food ProductionCereals: Processing and Nutritional QualityCereal Grains: Evaluation,Value Addition and Quality ManagementCashew Production & Processing Technology: Recent AdvancesBreeding,Biotechnology and Seed Production of Field CropsBreeding of Horticultural Crops: Principles and Practices: 2nd Revised & Expanded ed.Breeding and Protection of VegetablesBreeding and Biotechnology of Flowers: Vol.02: Garden FlowersBreeding and Biotechnology of Flowers(Vol-1) Commercial FlowerBotanicals as Ecofriendly PesticidesBiotechnology: Practical Manual Series Vol 04Biotechnology of VA Mycorrhizza: Indian ScenarioBiotechnology in India: Initiatives and AccomplishmentsBiotechnology in Horticulture: Methods and ApplicationsBiotechnology in Animal Health and ProductionBiological Sciences: Innovations and DynamicsBiostatistics: Basic Concepts and MethodologyBioinoculants: A Step Towards Sustainable AgricultureBioinformatics in Agriculture: Tools and ApplicationsBiochemistry,Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: Instant NotesBiochemical Aspects of Plant PhysiologyBasics of Research MethodologyBasics of Mutation BreedingBasics of Horticulture: 2nd Revised and Expanded ed. (PB)Basics of Environmental Science and EngineeringBasic Concepts in StatisticsBananas and Plantains: Postharvest Management,Storage,Ripening and ProcessingAvian (Poultry) Production: A TextbookAuddaniki ke Adharbhoot Sidhant Tatha Nashijeev Prabandhan (PB)Artificial Insemination and Treatment of Infertility in Dairy AnimalsHindi Patrakarita Aur SamajDawn Of Your Spiritual JourneyHarvest The Happiness In Your LifeValue Education And Spiritual EmpowermentApplied and Industrial BiotechnologyHimalayan Heracleum: Agrotechnology, Distribution and MicropropagationFarm Energy and Management: The Social EcologyCareer in Science for Women : Challenges and OpportunitiesThe Book of Citric AcidAromatic Plants: Vol.01. Horticulture Science SeriesApproaches for Incorporating Drought and Salinity Resistance in Crop PlantsApplied Veterinary Andrology and Frozen Semen TechnologyApplied Statistics for Agricultural SciencesApplied Statistical TechniquesApplied Computational Biology and Statistics in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (Set of 2 Vols.)Applied Bioinformatics Statistics and Economics in Fisheries ResearchAnimal Welfare and ManagementAnimal Feed AdditivesAnimal Cell Culture and VirologyAnimal Breeding and GeneticsAncestral Knowledge in Agri-Allied ScienceAnalytical Techniques in Animal Nutrition ResearchAn Introduction to NanotechnologyAn Introduction to Intellectual Property RightsAir Pollution and It's Impacts on Plant GrowthAgrotechnology Manual: Including Nursery Management and PracticesAgrometeorology: A Simplified TextbookAgro-InformaticsAgroforestry: Systems and ProspectsAgroforestry: Systems and PracticesAgroforestry: Principles and PracticesAgroforestry Systems for Resource Conservation and Livelihood Security in Lower HimalaysAgro-enterprises for Rural Development and Livelihood SecurityAgrobiodiversity and Sustainable Rural DevelopmentAgri-Horticultural Biodiverstiy of Temperate and Cold Arid RegionsAgri-Food Crops: Processing,Value Addition,Packaging and StorageAgriculture BioinformaticsAgriculture and Waste Management for Sustainable FutureAgricultural Statistics: A Guide for Competitive Examinations (PB)Agricultural Plant BiochemistryAgricultural Marketing: Perspectives and PotentialsAgricultural Marketing ManagementAgricultural Extension: Worldwide InnovationsAgricultural Biotechnology: Indian PrintAdvances in Soil Borne Plant DiseasesAdvances in Protected CultivationAdvances in Preservation and Processing Technologies of Fruits and VegetablesAdvances in Harvest and Postharvest Technology of FishAdvances and Challenges in Agricultural Extension and Rural DevelopmentAcid Soils: Their Chemistry and ManagementAbiotic Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants: Breeding and BiotechnologyA Text Book of Seed Science and TechnologyA Handbook on Irrigation and DrainageA Handbook of Soil-Plant-Water-Fertilizer and Manure AnalysisA Handbook of Minerals,Crystals,Rocks and OresA Handbook for Food Techno'sA Colour Handbook: Landscape GardeningA Colour Book: Laparoscopic Techniques in Small Animal SurgeryA Colour Handbook on Practical Plant PathologyFundamentals of Designing for Textiles and Others End UsesHigh Speed Spinning of Polyester and its Blends with ViscoseQuality Characterisation of ApparelHumidification and Ventilation Management in Textile IndustryHandbook of Worsted Wool and Blended Suiting ProcessScience in Clothing ComfortPerformance of Home TextileEffective Implementation of Quality Management SystemsFundamentals and Practices in Colouration of Textiles (1nd Ed.)Modern Approach to Maintenance in spinningManagement of Technology Systems in Garment IndustryManaging wastes from Aluminum Smelter PlantsRecent Trends in Soft BeveragesA Practical Guide to Quality Management in SpinningStatistical data analysis: A practical guidePublic Health Nutrition in Developing CountriesTraining and Development of Technical Staff in the Textile IndustryIndustrial Engineering in Apparel ProductionFundamentals and Advances in Knitting TechnologyStatistics for Textile and Apparel ManagementStrategic Management in the Garment IndustryTheory of Structure and Mechanics of Fibrous AssembliesCoal science and engineeringMechanics and Calculations of Textile MachineryFundamentals of Yarn WindingWork Quality Management in the Textile IndustryScience of Compression BandageErgonomics in the Garment IndustryAdvanced Renewable Energy SystemsStatistics for Textile EngineersFundamentals and Practices in Colouration of Textiles (2nd Ed.)Industrial Practices in Weaving PreparatoryBioprocessing of TextilesPlasma Technologies for Textile and ApparelSolution to Problems in the Textile and Garment IndustryImplementing ISO 9001:2015Textile Mechanisms in Spinning and Weaving MachinesWoven Fabric Structure Design and Production PlanningCompression Techniques for Polymer ScienceTextiles and EnvironmentMicrobes as Bio-fertilizer and Their Production TechniquesAn Introduction to Rice-grain TechnologyApparel Machinery and EquipmentsProcess Control and Yarn Quality in SpinningHandbook on Cotton Spinning IndustryEngineering Techniques of Ring SpinningRole of Yarn Tension in WeavingPharmaceutical Drug Delivery Systems and VehiclesIntroduction to Textile Fibers (Revised Edition)Statistical Aspects of Community Health and NutritionERP for Textiles and Apparel IndustryTextile DyesA Practical Guide to Textile TestingA Technical Handbook On Bituminized Jute Paving Fabric (BJPF)Non-Woven - Process ,Structure, Properties and ApplicationsFibre StructureSHADOW WARRIORSTHE BLISS IN PEACEA LITERARY HISTORY OF INDIATHE REMNANTS OF FATEWAR WINE & WOMENSHORT STORIESGROW MORE GOODReaching Centrestage: Cultural Identity In African-American TheatreCONTRIBUTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL GEO SCIENCEFRUITING TREES OF DELHIGLOBAL ADVANCES IN TEA SCIENCETEA PLANTING IN CEYLONBIOLOGY OF LICHENSFARMING THE OCEANRURAL CHINA IN TRANSITIONWOMEN POLICE IN INDIATERROR BY HUNGERINCREDIBLE STORY OF SOCIAL JUSTICE IN INDIALABOUR IN MUGHAL INDIANot Disabled - Differently AbledFifty Years of Tryst with DestinyOrganised Power and Un Organised ResistanceScourage of Colonial Legacy Colonization to LiberralizationWEALTH ROOTS ROUTESEconomics of Vocational EducationContinuing Education ProgrammeScience and Technology Through Open and Distance EducationOpen & Distance Education : Policies, Practices & Quality ConcernsDistance Education in IsraelHRD IN UNIVERSITIES Study of Delhi UniversityFinancing of Secondary School Education in IndiaPerformance indicators in Distance Higher EducationProfessional Practice Through Modles of TeachingStaff Development in Higher and Distance EducationInformation Technology Reengineering of Distance EducationDynamic Role of Adult EducationEducational Technology In Distance EducationKABIR AND HIS FOLLOWERSCOOKERY WIZARDGANDHI IN STAMPSIDEAL MARRIAGENOT BLESSED WITH CHILDRENHISTORY OF ANCIENT MEDICAL SCIENCENUTRITION IN COMMUNITY HEALTH MANAGEMENTPRACTICAL WATER HEALINGHUMAN INTERCOURSESTRESS - LEARN TO MANAGE ITNATUROPATHY A CURE TO CANCERHEALTH, VIGOUR & BEAUTY BY YOGASPIRITUAL SELF REALIZATIONOCCULT SCIENCE IN INDIATHE BOOK OF FATEYOGA AND DEPTH PSYCHOLOGYAIM DIVINETHE OTHER WORLDMANUAL OF ASTROLOGYGREAT REVELATIONS BY SPIRITSPREDICTIVE ASTROLOGYHOW GREAT ARE WEFOOTFALLS OF INDIAN HISTORYTrishna Tera Ant NahinLATIN AMERICAN CIVILIZATIONEARLY RELIGIOUS POETRY OF PERSIAPrachin Mistra me bhartiya SamskrutiTHE LEGACY OF ISLAMMONGOLS IN INDIA (Babur & Humayun the 1st two Mughal Emperors)MUSLIMS OF INDIAN ORIGIN DURING THE DELHI SULTANATEKANI TRIBES OF KODAYAR FORESTSEEMANT KI SAPTSADITANIK DO SAPTAH UTTARANCHAL MEGOD OF THE HIGH HILLSA BOOK OF MODREN EUROPEAN HISTORYASSYRIASHAMBHALATIBET AND NEPALNEPAL AN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVEKASHMIR'S ACCESSION TO INDIA UNRAVELLING THE TRUTHTEN MASTERS-Ten Gurus of Sikh DharmaTHE BIBLE IN PICTURESTRIKA - the Kashmir Saiva EssencePOETIC INFLUENCE ON BHAKTISTORY OF THE STUPAHERITAGE OF BUDDHA THE STORY OF SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMAESOTERIC BUDDHISMFIRST 50 DISCOURSES OF GAUTAMA THE BUDDHABUDDHISMSRIMAD BHAGWAD GITA (With Poetic Translation)THE SAINTS OF VRAJAKRISHNA The Living sprit of VrindavanaTHE TEMPLE CLASSIC RAMAYANAKISKINDA KANDManas MimansaKAILASH MANSAROVAR DARSHANJOURNEY TO LAND OF SHIVA (Marathi)JOURNEY TO LAND OF SHIVA (English)SRI SANKAT MOCHAN HANUMAN CHARIT MANASDeciphering Indus Script a New ApproachThe Archaeological Treasures of Northern OdishaThe Gaddi-Traditional Life Style of Gadia LoharColor in sketching & RenderingRAGAMALA PAINTINGS A Journey From Music To ArtADI GRANTH PAINTING Raga-ragamala & Barah-MahaShakuntalaIndian Mythology through the Art and MiniaturesMOTHER DIVINE The Supreme beingTrigonometryHealth Care in HimalayasReservation PolicyReservation PolicyNumerical AnalysisJansampark aur VigyanMadhya Himalaya Ka Lok Jeev VigyanJharkhand ki Uraon JanjaatiRecommendations of Various Finance CommissionsBureaucracy and DevelopmentStrategic ManagementQuantitative Exams (For Competitive Exams)Computer FundamentalsEngineering Mathematics- IManagement (Concepts and Practice)Engineering ChemistryTextbook of BiochemistryEssentials of Business Organization and ManagementDiscrete StructuresPrinciples of Food ScienceBusiness Organization and ManagementRetail Management and Retail BankingEngineering Chemistry (Practical Book)Marketing ManagementSecurity AnalysisEngineering Mathematics- IIFood Quality EvaluationResearch Methodology (Tools and Techniques)Micro Processor 8085Elements of MatricesEnergy, Environment, Ecology and SocietyManagement (Concepts and Practice)Computer Applications in BusinessBhaugolik Vichardhara Ka VikasWomen on the Map of World's Major ReligionsText Book of PharmacognosyProduction Techniques of Tropical MushroomsText Book of Pharmaceutical SciencesThe Social Ecology of Agripreneurship in Small HoldingService Rules & Regulations for Director of Physical Education & LibrarianManual of Methods of Pure Culture StudyIndian Higher Education CodeHigher Education ActsHand Book of Pharmaceutical SciencesThe Ghost of EconomicsCorrosion Protection of Building MaterialsThe Concise Book Of PharmaceuticsHuman Development: Psychological InsightsHuman Development: Nutritional InsightsHuman Development: Educational And Management InsightsHuman Development : Behavioral InsightsHuman Development: Ethno-environmental And Archeological InsightsHuman Development: Anthropological Insights. Vol-IIHuman Development: Anthropological Insights. Vol-IAnimal ActsA Democratic ClassroomAdvances In Nanoscience